About Us


The GFC is an abbreviation for GREAT FOOD COMPANY. A company which has been incorporated with a target of setting up a chain of restaurants throughout the country and winning in the marketplace. Winning indeed but ONLY by dint of its single minded devotion to quality in every aspect of the business it is in. Viz-a-viz quality of basic ingredients and consistent taste of food, hygienic kitchen and most of all customer satisfaction. As a result we are bound to follow the standards of quality ingredients fixed in our constitution, the quality control we ought to carry out in our cooking methods, the training we impart to staff members, be it be cooks, stewards or delivery boys. Utmost emphasis is placed on retaining the original taste of each & Every delicacy. Unlike most restaurants, the dishes are not rolled out in the same gravy… they are rule cooked separately and authentically.

GFC Restaurant

Our Priority:

Ensuring that every food lover gets what he/she desires, is our primary goal. We strive hard to ascertain that our dishes are prepared in a healthy and hygienic environment. The objective is to further expand our customer base across the city and across India and rest of the world. We promise to keep coming with varied range of dishes that will keep our customers and their taste buds happy.

GFC Restaurant

About Restaurant:

GFC –The Great Food Company's new outlet offers open air dinning option, though with roof to protect from rain. Has a water-body, around the tables….

We know you care about the food you eat. That's why we use ingredients with no preservatives, fillers, or additives… Take a deep dive into what makes our food delicious.